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Welcome to the Sydney Gay Meditation Group

Firstly thank you for stopping by and finding out more information about the group. We welcome everyone to the group whether you are a beginner (no experience) to an experienced meditator. 

The programs have been built so that individual participants can digest at their own pace which meditation techniques works best for them. Although we started from serving the LGBTIQ community, we are not exclusive and we cater to all open minded individuals who are interested in learning the practice of meditation from every communities.

'Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love'(Lao Tzu)

We started from humble beginnings with a few gay friends who simply wanted to meditate in a space that was free from religious acceptance and prescribed teachings.


As we are adhering to Covid rules, the venue can hold a limited number of people, so please be early to avoid disappointment! if you are feeling unwell or have been to any Covid 19 hotspot locations please remain home.


Monday Nights, 6.45pm - 7.30pm (Arrive by 6.30pm)

Our new location is the Darlinghurst Community Space

Corner of Bourke Street and Berwick Lane (277 Bourke St) Darlinghurst

Dinner after at the Lord Roberts Hotel.


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